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Vehicle Logistics Center

Resende (RJ)

​The Center for Vehicle Logistics is annexed to the Resende Dry Port and was built using the most current construction techniques with the latest and most modern equipment and machines. It has a capacity of loading and unloading up to 2,000 units/day. The Center posseses an area for delivery inspection-PDI, where services such as installing fire extinguishers, manuals, triangles, windshield tagging for imported vehicles can be executed. In this area, accessories, mattresses, and Carter protectors are also handled. The painting sector is one of the most modern in its segment and it is also the first water based painting in the region.

We cover every stage of the supply chain, from the receiving of cargo and equipment at our marine terminals until the delivery of finished products and returnable packaging to be exported. Supporting all activities of the distribution and supply chain we offer a truly 360 degree logistics.


  • Total Area: 161,100 m²
  • Storage capacity: 7,300 vehicles)
  • Loading and Unloading Capacity: 1,600 vehicles/day (one shift)
  • Constructed area: approximately 4,500 m²
  • Painting repair capacity: 220 vehicles/month
  • Employees: 80

terminal services

  • Placement of manuals, fire extinguishers, mattresses, triangles, and other options
  • General add-ons: stickers, bumpers, etc.
  • Storage
  • Parking
  • Quality control
  • Fuselage repair
  • Painting
  • Washing
  • Polishing
  • General mechanical and electrical services
  • Quality actions
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Vehicle Logistics Center - Resende (RJ)

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