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Stahllog Logistics Solution

Santa Cruz (RJ)

In 2007, STAHLLOG SOLUÇÃO LOGÍSTICA S/A was created aiming to fill the market needs generated by the growth in national territory of companies investing in the renovation, expansion and construction of industrial parks. Integrated with the other units of the Group, it offers On-site Logistics services, implementing customized solutions in the reception, management, storage, administration of warehouses for parts, equipment and inputs for construction, until their sequencing for the assembly of a functional unit.

Based on know-how acquired over more than two decades operating bonded premises, its teams are highly trained and experienced in providing these services and applying the most modern information technologies such as proprietary computer systems, RFID data collectors, online tracking, code tagging among others, Stahllog provides the ideal technical and operational support for the planning, organization, control and coordination of on-site logistics for its customers.

Stahllog also operates in port operations for the stowage and removal of steel products and solid bulk, DBOT projects (design, build, operate, transfer), management of MRO warehouses (maintenance, repair and operation) and spare parts.


  • Total Area of ​​the Steel Complex: 9km²
  • Daily Productivity: 20kton for boarding plates and 25kton for bulk unloading
  • Annual Handling Capacity: Boarding Plates: 5,0 millions of tons and 4,4 millions of tons for unloading of solid bulk
  • Number of berths: 2
  • Certification: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007
  • Berth extension: 700m
  • Draught: 14,5 (16,5 Air Draft)
  • Systems: PMS (Port Solutions); SAP – Finance, Accounting, HR


  • Logistical support in the storage and assembly of the Coke oven, Blast Furnace, Spare Warehouses and etc.

  • Port logistics in loading steel plates for export

    - Cargo conference;
    - Docking with the use of forklifts;
    - Steel plate cooking.

  • Port Logistics for unloading solid bulk

    - Cleaning on board ship structures;
    - Basement filling with loader;
    - Basement sweep.

  • Industrial Cleaning

    - Sweep of the pier, bridge and transfer towers;
    - Cleaning the conveyor belt structures;
    - Cleaning of solid bulk unloading cranes.

  • Mooring and mooring of ships

    - Logistical support for mooring and unmooring ships at the Ternium Terminal.

  • Road/Rail logistics for loading steel plates for the domestic market (Brazil)

    - Inventory and systemic planning for rail loading;
    - Positioning of wood on the wagons;
    - Steel Plate Conference.

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