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Bonded Industrial Logistics Center

Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

​Dry Port of Rio de Janeiro is strategically located in the neighborhood of St. Kitts 12 km from Rio de Janeiro International Airport (Galeão). The terminal offers all forms of storage characteristics of dry ports as well as exclusive service charge transfer air through DTA-E.

Offers a total area of 50,000 m² (40,000 m² of bonded area), 3 warehouses totaling 18,000 m² and 3,900 m² of heated area, as well as a refrigerated storage, with trained and specialized staff for personalized service.

We cover every stage of the supply chain, from the receiving of cargo and equipment at our marine terminals until the delivery of finished products and returnable packaging to be exported. Supporting all activities of the distribution and supply chain we offer a truly 360 degree logistics.


  • Total Area: 40,000 m²
  • Heated area: 3,900 m²
  • Warehouse: 18,000 m²

terminal services

  • Movement and storage of goods
  • Weighing of cargoes
  • Power supply to refrigerated containers
  • Heated area
  • Collection of samples
  • Placement of seals
  • Unitization and ununitization of cargoes
  • Labeling and marking, to meet the requirements of overseas buyer
  • Bonded warehouse
  • Export in Deposit Scheme Certified Customs – DAC/ DUB
  • Special Bonded Warehouse
  • Drawback
  • Clearance on wheels
  • Declaration of customs transit - DTA
  • Packaging and repackaging cargo
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Industrial Bonded Logistics Center - Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

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